Regal Crowns Real Estate Group LLC is a company that provides high-level expertise in real estate sales in the state of Louisiana.  It will focus initially on home sellers and home buyers, as well as in-house sales agents.  Our customer service philosophy is unique.  In a philosophic sense, Regal Crowns Real Estate Group LLC has three distinct customer groups: sellers, buyers, and agents.  Our company's management team view all three groups as being equally important to the successful operation of our company.


Sellers of real property are our first customers.  Listers of properties (sellers) pay commissions from the sale of their property and are the direct clients of the real estate brokers.  We will never lose our focus that clients who have retained Regal Crowns Real Estate Group LLC, to list and sell their properties are our first obligation.


Our second real customer is the buyer of residential real estate.  We will provide superior personal services to buyers.


Our third real customer is the licensed real estate sales agent.  It is the agent's job to provide a professional service to both sellers and buyers, specifically in this order.  Therefore, it is the direct responsibility of Regal Crowns Real Estate Group LLC, to provide service to our sales agents.


As it grows, it will take on new agents providing them with highly competitive commission earnings, as well as providing them with a support service that will allow for more productive time in order to gain clients at a faster pace.  As it grows, it will look for additional marketing techniques to offer clientele and serve the public in the high standards handed down by the Louisiana Real Estate Commission.




Ayanna Ginn


Email Me:



Regal Crowns Real Estate Group

Phone: 225-366-8892 * Fax: 225-302-8607

2635 Choctaw Drive, 2nd Floor Suite 414

Baton Rouge LA 70805


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